Friday, November 12, 2010

Polling All Parents

Ok Moms and Dads!

I need your help. 

What were your most essential baby items that you had in your nursery arsenal? Those I-couldn't-have-made-it-through-those-first-few-months-without-X items?

Obviously I have the basics down: crib, car seat, stroller, diapers. Check. 

But what about the zillion other items out there that are marketed towards new parents as absolutely, must-have essentials? As in, 'you will be an awful, horrible, no-good mom if you don't buy this product RIGHT NOW'. 

I'm looking at lists of stuff to put on a registry and...well, it's overwhelming. 

And, what things out there did you buy and promptly decide were unnecessary, useless, pieces of junk?

Any advice in this department would be GREATLY appreciated. 

So, to recap:

-Most favorite/essential baby things
-Most useless baby bits/gadgets/items
-Any recommendations for comprehensive lists of items that should make it onto a baby registry?

and last but not least,

-Any recommendations for places to register?*

*On a somewhat related note, has anyone tried any of those sites that allows you to pick any product (from a variety of stores) and gathers it in one place? Like


  1. My friend, Erin, is a wealth of knowledge. Her baby blog is here: She hasn't updated in a while, but if you post she should see it.

    BUT, in other baby news, have you read Blunt, funny, and amazing, particularly the pregnancy and early baby days. Now, it's all about toddler and good photography.

    That's all I can offer.

  2. I e-mailed you as what I wrote was much too lengthy for here. But, after having just been through it twice I'm sure you can determine I have a lot of info. (and opinions). lol

  3. Just remember that everyone is different Sonja. What might have worked great for one of your friends might not work great for you.
    You have time with some objects too. Kids don't walk instantly, nor do they need a high chair right away.
    Some people love boppy pillows, others don't.
    You might actually end up with different versions of a sling until you find a baby carrier that works for you. Personally, Bjorns work great when babies are so little, they don't get lost in it like they would a sling.
    Don't fret. You figure it out.

  4. Kate Francis9:39 AM

    I've had 3 babies and I can tell you a swing is a must. I was blessed with good sleepers, but there was the occasional time where I would put baby safely in the swing and off to dream land we would BOTH go :) It was as much for me as it was for them. Those 1st weeks are mind altering!

  5. Aaron Benson1:01 PM

    We registered on Amazon - they had everything we were looking for. The baby has yet to come, though, so no verdict on what's most useful.

  6. A baby wrap! I use the moby. Love, love love! I got mine from and lovely. Daddy has even used it...which is kind of funny and endearing at the same time.