Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pregnant Lady: You sleep here, on the floor


Chris and I have been having a laugh over the fact that I’ve been sleeping on a little futon at the foot of our bed for the past week. Like I’ve been kicked out of the big bed. 

I’ve been in agony from nightly back pain and have spent a few sleepless nights sitting upright on the couch. No fun.

I commandeered this futon from my parent’s house last week and installed it in our bedroom. It’s hard as a rock and low to the ground. Perfect for the aching back. With the exception of several nightly bathroom trips, I’ve been able to sleep again.


I might just set up camp down here permanently. 


  1. Oh, Sonji! I'm so, so sorry for your discomfort - but that is a very funny post!

  2. Marcilla3:38 PM

    Isn't it crazy the things you'll do to survive the 3rd trimester? Glad you found a way to get some sleep. And hang on to the futon for possible use in the baby's room. I had and Aero bed in the corner of L's room until he was 4 months.

  3. Agh. This sounds so terrible; I'm so sorry!! Can you take Sleepytime tea or anything (said from a never-pregnant perspective, obviously). Seriously, at that point I'd be downing Tylenol PM ;) hahahahaha Hope it gets better!

    -- linds