Thursday, January 04, 2007


Last April this stray dog (pictured below) found its way into our yard and refused to leave. One night I opened the door for Bailey and this guy rushed into the house and took up residence on Bailey's bed. It lingered around the yard for three days and we did our best to find his owners. Finally we took it to the pound and it was (hopefully) adopted. We thought that was the end of the little dog invasion...

Until I came home tonight and found this little guy playing with Bails in the yard. There is a space just large enough between the gate and the fence for cats and very small dogs to squeeze through. This guy is much friendlier than the last but he's still a bit nervous around people. He didn't have a collar or any sort of identification and he's awfully skinny. We kept him outside all this evening but then finally took pity on him tonight as it's raining and rather cold outside. We notified all our neighbors but I have a feeling that he's not from around here since he's so skinny. We're going to put him in the kennel tonight and wait and see what tomorrow brings.. Chris and I have decided that we're definitely not cut out to have small dogs. Every time I take a step I'm afraid that I'm going to squash him.


  1. Bailey must be sending out vibes saying he needs a playmate! As for tripping on small animals, I know that dilemma! Our cat (who is bigger then that little guy) runs right in front of me all the time. You don't know how many times she's been accidentally kicked or stepped on. The bad thing is she never learns!

  2. I think Bailey would love a playmate; just not this one. I could tell that he was ready for this little guy to leave and was rather annoyed that he was hanging around. Another thing that I hadn't realized with Bailey is that he is really food agressive. I guess this makes sense as he was a street dog for a good while. He's not at all agressive towards people around his food but he practically threw this little guy across the yard when he got too close to Bailey's food dish. So much for getting another dog. :)

  3. If and when you guys have kids you'll have to really watch Bailey when they are near his food. That could spell trouble! Little bitten fingers are a no no.