Friday, March 13, 2009

Woman finds cat in $27 used couch

SPOKANE, Wash. —
The mysterious mewing in Vickie Mendenhall's home started about the time she bought a used couch for $27.
After days of searching for the source of the noise, she found a very hungry calico cat living in her sofa.
Her boyfriend, Chris Lund, was watching TV on Tuesday night and felt something move inside the couch. He pulled it away from the wall, lifted it up and there was the cat, which apparently crawled through a small hole on the underside.
Mendenhall contacted Value Village, where she bought the couch, but the store had no information on who donated it. So she took the cat to SpokAnimal CARE, the animal shelter where she works, so it could recover, and contacted media outlets in hopes of finding the owner.
Sure enough, Bob Killion of Spokane showed up to claim the cat on Thursday after an acquaintance alerted him to a TV story about it. Killion had donated a couch on Feb. 19, and his 9-year-old cat, Callie, disappeared at about the same time.

From the Seattle Times.


  1. How crazy!

    Oh, and I like the green color. Maybe if the strip down the middle was a contrasting color? Then the green wouldn't be so overwhelming? Or maybe bold on the font? Just brainstorming. I love doing that kind of stuff. :)

  2. Hmm, good idea. It's just too bright, isn't it? Perhaps a dark forest green might look good too.

    It's fun to mess around with, isn't it?

  3. I learned about this poor cat yesterday. I am so happy it had a happy ending that would have been a really nasty find otherwise.