Monday, May 04, 2009

Photo O' the Day: Bumble Bumble

I have a particular affinity for bumble bees. Once as a wee little tot I erroneously believed that bumble bees were incapable of stinging and spent several hours catching the critters with my hands. Have you ever done that? Made a cage with your hands and then put your eye up to the space made between your thumbs in order to get a peek at your prisoner? What a fearful sight for the critter.
This bumble bee was sitting at the base of our large leaf maple and I moved her up to higher ground as Bailey tends to tread pretty heavily around the base of the tree, thanks to the maple's raccoon inhabitants.


  1. While I will never understand your affinity for insects...I must say your macro(?) photography is really impressive!

  2. I LOVE BUMBLE BEES TOO! I always try and get them out of harms way if need be too. They are really sweet bees, that don't want to sting you unless you are down right cruel to them. Great photos.

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I have noticed a lot more bumble bees this year. UB

  4. Thank you! I really enjoy taking photos of insects. Perhaps because few people stop to give them a close look, I feel like they should be shown in all their bug-like glory! :)