Thursday, June 25, 2009


We signed up for a CSA [community supported agriculture] program last week and we picked our first box up on Tuesday. We pondered it a year ago but ultimately decided that we liked choosing our produce from the local farmer's market. Chris' parents have participated in a CSA for a while and like the fact that it requires a fair amount of creativity in weekly meal planning. I am now facing the same puzzle; like what am I going to do with the GIANT bunch of chard stuffed into the box? Any suggestions? We signed up with Full Circle Farm in Carnation, Washington. The selection, quality, and quantities have been quite good, so far. My only beef at the moment is that not all of the food is local or in season. Like the mango. Um, mangoes? In Seattle? Surely not from around here...


  1. tomatos and green peppers? um..not in season here yet either! I think there are some soups you can use chard in.

  2. actually most everything in your picture isn't in season here, most of those are all fall vegies, which is odd.

    the soup I was thinking of is an Italian type of bread soup which is super yummy. I think i got the recipe out of Sunset magazine.