Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ugh. I was hoping that Winnie would accept the fact that Phoebe would be taking over the nesting box on a daily basis.

She has not.

Accepted it, that is.

She is complaining heartily.

Consequently, I have temporarily locked the girls in the coop so they can duke it out amongst themselves. Pipe down there, Winn.

Update: huh. Well it might have worked. Nary a peep has been heard.


  1. Uh oh, hopefully lack of peeps means no fatal attacks? :) I'm sure they figured things out. Steve & I are planning to start our own coop, probably spring time so they'll be ready to go into the coop come warmer seasons. We're going to start on the coop design soon to get it built & then look into purchasing chicks when they're "for sale" in the spring. Any advice for the newbies?? Happy Thanksgiving to you, Chris, Bailey, & the girls!

  2. Hey Christina!

    Very, very exciting, you'll love having chickens! I'm making chicken keeping up as I go so my advice might be rather lame. :) But a few things: chickens make noise. Certainly not as much as roosters but our girls squawk heartily before laying eggs. I'd place your coop as far away from your neighbors as possible; I don't mind since I know that the hulabalu means lots of tasty eggs..but my neighbors don't have that to look forward to everyday so they might not appreciate the squawking as much as I do. Also, as far as coops go, I'd design a coop that is 100% predator proof and doesn't require that you lock the girls up every night. That means 1/2" mesh all around, even on the bottom of the chicken run so things can't dig underneath.

    That should do it; hold the girls as much as possible when they're young. They're pretty tame now and come running when I'm near. Our Winnie will even follow me down to the mail box and back (a good three hundred feet, round trip). Feed 'em lots of scraps from the table, we hardly ever put anything in the compost these days since the girls eat most of it. That said, having your own chickens is not cheaper than buying your eggs from the store. But it sure is fun. :)

    Good luck, can't wait to see what your coop looks like! Have you see the website the Backyard Chicken? It's a great resource.