Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

The Beast turns 5 today. 

Well, not technically. He's a good deal older than half a decade. But five years ago on this day, he joined our family.

Untrained, skeletal, and newly castrated, he was a mess. He peed in the living room within ten minutes of getting him home. 

He was also desperate to please, adoringly eager, and so, so sweet. 

After months and months of searching, we'd found our dog. 

So in honor of his homecoming, we've always celebrated today as his birthday. 
Happy birthday, Bub. Our little family wouldn't be the same without you. 

Are you in need of a labrador [And really, who isn't]? PLEASE check out this website and take a peek at all the wonderful pups that need homes. We have nothing but good things to say about Labrador Rescuers, it's a wonderful organization and they do a tremendous job of finding homes for thousands of stray and abandoned labs. Plus, they usually have puppies!!


  1. Oh crap. You've done me in. A lab rescue place that has a lot of pups?? Thank goodness I'm constantly in a state of panic due to three dogs in a small(ish) house & the never-ending clean up of hair, dirt, more hair, more dirt...or else I might be tempted. :)

    Happy birthday to Bailey! And thanks for that great video of the dog saying grace - hysterical!

  2. Happy birthday, Bailey! :) So glad you are living the life of luxury with a great family.

  3. Happy Birthday Bailey!! I checked out that lab rescue site - the Lab/husky pair is beautiful. It's probably a good thing that they're in CA, because I'm sorely tempted. ;)

    - lindsay

  4. Superb picture! Makes me think of Chuck! I might have to start trying things on Mobee... Poor Mobee though, he's just not nearly as photogenic as Bailey. I usually get a blurry tongue, or blurry side head shot.
    Happy Birthday Bailey - I know that your lives have been made wholly different for knowing each other! Hugs.