Monday, January 02, 2012

That looks...not very appetizing

My Dears,

We're still finding that the Bambino prefers to take his nutrients in a slurry-like form. He's happy stuffing cheerios, bread bits, and cheese cubes into his mouth but really starts with the excited arm flaps when we break out the blender.

Here's what we're currently adding into the mix:

Orange Slices

(the current favorite)

Pumpkin Puree
Apple Sauce


  1. Does he like table food from your plate at all? I love hearing about other people's kids and hearing about how different they all are. Amazing how their little personalities shine at such a young age.

    Gabriel rejected baby food at 9 months. Lorelai at about 7 months. He is a PICKY eater, and Lorelai pretty much eats anything you put in front her. Ha!

  2. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that these are still acceptable, too. He eats table food but applesauce, smoothies, and yams are definitely his all-time favorites and they require spoon feeding. These three are more of a smoothie consistency but we've been struggling to find a suitable delivery method. The holes are too small on his sippy cup. Maybe something with a straw. Any recommendations?

  3. What I did is every meal started with small pieces of table food. Maybe start with the puffs or cheerios. He can chew even if he doesn't have back teeth so don't worry about that. L was eating everything we ate by a year old and she still only has 7 teeth all in the front. Any soft food like applesauce should be chunky. Yams should be prepared so he can pick them up with his fingers, or sweet potato fries. Even start giving that kiddo a spoon of his own. :) It will be messy but he'll learn so fast. Lorelai can already eat with both a spoon and fork better than Gabriel. HA!

    Basically push him out of his comfort zone...or if he shies away easily...start with just a bit of the baby food to fill his tummy a smidge, so he's not frantic about eating but not full...then give him the table foods while you are eating. Then when he's done...if you don't feel he's full give him a bit more baby food. But, by now he should definitely be able to handle everything you put in front of him in bite size chunks.

    And hand that spoon over momma. Or have him use one while you do, but don't be the provider/deliverer of the food anymore. It's definitely a hard thing to give over to them, but they really blossom when they begin to take control over things and you will avoid more challenging toddler battles later on. It's a lot harder when they can cry, "Momma! Help me! Help me!" with big crocodile tears running down their face.

    G still won't take off his own shoes or clothes even though he can because he wants me to do it. I got news for him...come his third birthday momma's not doing it anymore! ;) You're about to have a toddler on your hands and it's all about fostering independence now. :) Good luck. E-mail me if you have questions!!!! :)

  4. Oh, and move to straw cups if you can. Better for his speech long term. :)