Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Halloween. Part ii.

Emma's costume is complete and last night I laid out all the stuff I've collected for Ben's ensemble. 

He's going to be a scuba diver! Or a scuba diver fisherman, according to him. We've got a little more root beer to drink and then we can start work on his oxygen tank. 

The net bag is going to serve as his trick or treat bag. Can't wait to see how this one comes together. 




  1. What a fun family themed costume grouping you have going on there!!!! I wish my kids would have done related costumes longer...Gabriel began having an opinion at 3 so that went out the window fast for us...he didn't want his sister to have anything to do with what he was doing. HA! Can't wait to see your kiddos in their snazzy get-ups!

  2. Spear fisherman! Get that boy a harpoon. I think my dad still has one.

  3. HA. It appears that you and Ben are on the same page as far as accessories are concerned. :) Last night he wanted to watch videos of scuba divers and great white sharks so he’d know ‘how to go about capturing and getting the shark’. This would be less concerning if I wasn’t dressing up as a shark....

    Amanda, I’m actually kind of shocked that he’s on board with the group costume. Pretty sure he only agreed because I promised to outfit him with a net ‘for catching stuff’. This may be the end of our run. :)

  4. I think you can fully expect to have the net placed over your head at some point!