Sunday, September 25, 2005

After much consideration, Chris and I have decided to look for a dog. We headed for the Orange County Animal Shelter. It's probably the most depressing place in the entire world. I immediately fell in love with a behemoth of a dog named Ranger (Obviously this is not him pictured). He must have been part bear and was higher than my waist. He was very sweet but far too big and sadly, very old. I've learned the hard way the big dogs don't live as long as the small ones and he was already at least seven years old. But he was the sweetest dog I've ever met (aside from Chucha, of course). We went back to the shelter today (yes, we went twice in one weekend!) and he wasn't there. I hope he was adopted. This little guy (pictured above) was very cute but pretty lethargic. It was hard to get him to even sit up. In the end we decided that he wasn't the dog for us. He's young and cute and I'm sure that he'll be adopted.