Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bailey at the dog park.
Bailey has become very familiar with the "regulars" at the dog park. He's very fond of the great danes and doesn't have much time for the nasty black dog that is peeking out from behind the tan garbage can in the background.
We've discovered that Bailey is like the dog equivalent of a siren chaser. If there is a dog fight, we can count on Bailey to come sprinting across the park to throw himself into the fray. More often than not, he usually positions himself in front of the attacker and defends the little dog. He's done this on several occasions and lots of people have commented on this peculiar behavior. He also does it to people if they are getting too close to fight. The other day he "protected" an owner from his own grumpy dog. We're not entirely convinced that his acts of bravery aren't foolhardy as well. Of course, there was the other incident in the park today that was not one of his stellar moments: Bailey decided to pee on a bench. Unfortunately, the bench was occupied and the gentleman sitting on the bench was not amused. It was rather embarrassing.