Monday, December 12, 2005

Chris and I opened presents early this year because we're going to be out of town for the Christmas holiday. We treated ourselves to the most amazing machine. It's called a ROOMBA and most of you have probably already heard of it. It's a robotic vacuum that zips along the floor picking up dust, dirt, and most importantly, dog hair! I was initially skeptical of such a gizmo but I am completely sold after only one day of a roomba-cleaned house. It is simply amazing! I turn it on and walk away for 20 minutes and when I come back, the floor is sparkling! It does a better job in 20 minutes than I do in an hour. We have lots of wood floors in our house so it works really well. I think it does less well on carpet but would work perfectly on tile and linoleum. As most of you know, I would rather scrub toilets than vacuum and this little guy is the perfect answer. Now I just need a robot that makes the bed and cooks dinner.

PS: If you're interested in a roomba, email Chris. He can get a fantastic deal.