Sunday, March 19, 2006

Days Gone By

I was sorting through my desk tonight and came across a cd that a friend had sent me. She took these photos while we were studying tropical biology in Costa Rica my Junior year of college. She has a great love of macrophotography, as showcased in her amazing photos.

I'm surfing!

My research partner Megan got an infected leg while we were conducting a study at the field station and had to use crutches. Since we had to travel long distances to collect data, I simply stashed her in the front of my bicycle and off we went. It worked fairly well until we discovered that the bike had no brakes.
Dendrobates pumilio (Strawberry posion dart frog)
I manage to find dogs in all places in the world. This one happened to be at an organic trout farm (Cerro del muerte). And, as I discovered later, this one also had fleas. yuck.
Harvesting bananas (Dole).
Costa Rica has some giant insects.
Very cool beetle.
I'm not sure if it's really cool or really dorky that I can give the scientific name for most of these butterflies.


  1. The Sexy Club7:34 PM

    Of all the pictures, we find the most impressive to be THOSE BANGS! Sonj - that's hot!!!

  2. Lol that bike picture was hilarious. Did you just jump off the bike and pull it to a stop? That is so funny! And I LOVE the surfing picture. Awesome!!d

  3. Yes, I've had bangs for most of my life. My mother still defends them to this day.
    As for the biking picture: It was a grand adventure. I think after the initial shock of discovering that we were brakeless, I was able to bring us to a gentle stop some yards down the path. I do remember riding down some stairs (which couldn't have been very comfortable for Megan) and off the path and into the woods a couple times (which was a bit dicey due to the snakes). Megan got her revenge later as I came down with a nasty tropical bug that laid me low for several weeks. I'll see if I have a picture of that experience to post.