Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Little Dog

This little chihuahua appeared in our yard last night. He squeezed in through the gate. He and Bailey appeared to know eachother and I figured that he was a neighborhood dog that came over to play with Bails during the day. He and Bailey played for a couple hours while I was inside working. I made the mistake of leaving the backdoor open and before I knew it, this little guy had made himself comfortable inside on Bailey's bed. Bailey got the cold, hard floor. He's a cheeky little guy, isn't he? He doesn't have any tags (bad owner!) but he does have a collar. I'm hoping that he takes himself home tonight otherwise we're going to have to take him to a shelter. We've been calling him "Pequeno" or "Chechako", depending on who you ask. Regardless, little Pequeno/Chechako has got to go; he isn't house trained and his bark would peel paint.