Sunday, June 04, 2006

Life Cycle

Fish Fry: Day 2
Fish Fry: One Week
Fish Fry: One Month

My darling Pepe (the beta that lived at my office) died last week so I'm thinking about taking these guys to live at work. Besides, I spend so much time there anyway, I'll probably see them more frequently than I would at home (yes, that's a sad statement about my life).

One really cool scientific thing to mention is that we have two types of goldfish. We have three orange goldfish that have the split "Fancy" tail (also called the caudal fin). The fourth goldfish is actually white with orange spots and has a regular fish tail (See above. The large orange fish in back is the koi that commited suicide). Interestingly, three of the four baby fish have the regular caudal fin, not the fancy tail. We think that the female is the white goldfish and that the male was one of the goldies. This would be an interesting view of classic genetics if the "regaular" tail was the dominant trait and the fancy tail was recessive. That would likely mean that the genes of one fish is TT, two have Tt and the fourth (with the fancy tail), has tt. I can't wait to see what color the fry will be when they reach maturity.