Sunday, June 11, 2006


Chris and I were discussing how we thought that we'd react to a shark if we encountered one while scuba diving. Chris had a size limit for determining how uncomfortable he'd be. For example, he thought that he probably wouldn't be too nervous if he met a shark that was the size of those pictured in the previous section. We both decided that we'd be significantly more worried about those pictured here. Especially the one with the big toothy grin on his face. I realize that the mouth of the shark is not actually a grin, I will say, however, that if I met one underwater, I would be significantly more uncomfortable due exclusively to the curve of its mouth. Frankly, it looks like a devilish grin. I decided that I would also be more uncomfortable if I met a shark that I could recognize as a species that was known to be aggressive. For example, we have dove with lots of sharks but they are immediately recognizable as nurse sharks or harmless reef sharks. Those don't scare me; instead, I think they're just very cool. However, were I to meet a bull shark, a tiger shark or, heaven forbid, a great while shark, I would be significantly more nervous. I met a guy in Costa Rica that had been slammed up against a reef by a bull shark. He was naturally so shaken that it has taken him several years to willingly get back into the water. Personally, I happen to think that sharks are incredibly interesting fish. They are fantastic predators. Of course, I would also love to go diving off the coast of South Africa (in a cage) to see the great white sharks that make the area famous. But that's just me. Chris and I have decided to go to Africa (within the next 10 years) and that's a required stop for me. Of course, you never know how you'll react until you're in the situation. Here's to hoping that we never meet that bull shark.

I love looking at jellyfish; however, that rule stands only as long as I'm in an aquarium. I've been stung by enough jellyfish in my time to not relish the idea of swimming with them.