Saturday, June 24, 2006

Very Random Happenings

A collection of thoughts and pictures from the last couple weeks...

Reason #56 why Sonja loves summer: Crepes!!!

Parrots that were hanging out on the telephone wires by the house the other day.
There is a new study that was just published in the journal Nature that believes that Southern California is about due for a massive earthquake in the near future. I guess that the southern portion of the San Andreas fault moves dramatically every 200-300 years and it's been about 250 years since the last major event. Chris and I have lots of earthquake supplies in the garage but I'm always worrying that we don't have enough. Then I glanced in our pantry. I think that I won't have to worry about Chris running out of beer in the event of a major quake; we seem to have ample quantities of both the can and bottle varieties (plus some random juices).
I was in Phoenix (again) last week and noticed these very cool seed pod things. I have no idea what they are but they're very festive.
We practically flew over our house on the return flight. You can tell its southern cali; look at all the lovely smog.
Other random pictures from the flight. This was a dry river in the desert (near Palm Springs).I hope I never have to live in a residential development like this. I'll bet every single house looks exactly the same. That was one of the major reasons that Chris and I moved from Irvine to Santa Ana. Irvine is a planned community that was built in the 1970s. Every neighborhood has three or four different models of house that are all painted in slightly different colors. How boring. Our neighborhood in Santa Ana is totally original; none of the houses look the same. It's a great neighborhood with a lot of character.