Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Projects!

OK! I got the cover off! Now what??!!

When Chris’ grandmother passed away, Cherie very generously gave me her sewing machine. At the time, we were living in a tiny apartment in Seattle and didn’t have room for it. So, like lots of other non-necessary items, it was temporarily stored at my parent’s house. We picked it up last weekend and brought it down with us to Santa Ana.
Now I’m in a bit of a fix. You see, I grew up learning to sew on a machine like the one pictured below:

My mom still sews on this machine and has produced some incredible pieces, including most of my Halloween costumes. It’s one of those old fashioned kinds that requires that you “throw” the wheel and then pedal like mad to keep the thing going. So, the idea of having an electric machine that requires no furious pumping seems, well, rather traitorous.

I’m also feeling a little bit inadequate. My sewing skills are rudimentary (at best) and this machine can do dozens of things I’ve never even heard of. My mom was using it to do some fancy stitches; I’ll be very grateful if I can just get it to go in a straight line.

I’ve decided that (once I learn how to get it running) I’m going to start on some very simple curtains. We have these absolutely appalling blue shades in the bedroom that make me want to puke every time I walk in there. However, window “treatments”, as they are now called, are hugely expensive. I was thinking that I’d pop down to the fabric store and zip together some curtains (I’ve made them before so it seems like a fairly safe first project). I'll keep you updated on my progress....

Ugh. Are these ugly or what?!!