Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner Update

Ok, so I got a bit of a reprieve yesterday but today I'm in the hot seat! We're celebrating Thanksgiving a day late which means that in less than 5 hours I need to produce my first ever thanksgiving dinner. Yikes!! I'm a wee bit worried. I got the pies out of the way yesterday but now I have to face the big kahuna: THE TURKEY!!! I'm not too worried about the stuffing and the rest of the trimmings, in fact, Chris is going to be doing most of that work, but I am worried about the turkey. Our oven has a nasty habit of producing a temperature that is quite different from the originally selected temp (not a very funny joke, if you ask me) so Chris installed a free-standing oven thermometer to double check the temp every once in a while. It's pretty good at giving the overall general temp but it's hard to account for the random and bizarre temperature spikes that the oven throws out every once in a while. We'll see how it goes. I've promised Chris that we'll have a turkey; however, I did not make any promises to the FINAL turkey product (we might end of with Turkey a la burned and blackened, for example). I'll keep you posted as to the eventual outcome of ze turkey. Happy Thanksgiving (a day late!!).

OK! I got the packaging off the turkey. Now what do I do??!