Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Funky Socks

I realized that Chris and I didn't have any "official" Christmas stockings. While growing up my family used funky socks that my dear mama must have had left over from her hippie days. My favorite pair was always the brown striped ones with the gold thread. But Chris and I are pretty much limited to white sports socks and stuffy "work" socks. Not a great selection from which to choose Christmas stockings. And so I embarked on Sewing Project #2 although I guess some would debate that this is really Sewing Project #1 since I haven't finished my curtains yet. Regardless, I set out to make stockings. Here I've cut out the pattern in both the fluffy layer and the inner lining.

And here is the finished product! Now, I realize that they look a bit gaudy. The fabric didn't look so bold in the fabric store. So, they may be tasteless, but I made them so I'm going to be proud of them! :)
I've discovered that I'm not cut out to be a fantastic seamstress . I like sewing but about half way through I get this urge to be done and finished and my work tends to get a bit sloppy after that.