Sunday, January 07, 2007

Outdoor Projects

While Chris was working on his motorbike this afternoon, I decided to do a little weeding in the garden. I also decided to transplant some plants into larger containers, despite the fact that January really isn't the best time to be messing around with plant roots. But who ever really paid any attention to logic, anyway? I heard a quote once that went along the lines of: being a good gardener means that you occasionally have to kill things. And if that's the logic, then I'm an expert gardener. :)

Obviously these guys need larger quarters
So there I was, happily potting away, when I went over to the worm bin to retrieve some nutrient-rich soil and discovered that the entire bin was infested with brown widows!!! UGH!! This really was not a good day; we have worked so hard to clean out the hordes of widows only to find that they've taken up residence in an object that I use everyday. I can't tell you how many times I pop out after dinner (in the dark and without gardening gloves) to deposit leftover fruits and veggies in the bin.

So today I'm guilty of mass spider murder. It wasn't exactly my most favorite task.

The spider below is not a brown widow (perhaps a black widow? I couldn't see the underside) but it met the same fate at the rest of the spider residents today.
Needless to say, I completed my potting without the addition of worm bin castings. I'm going to wait until spring to add some vertical depth (can you say vertical depth? Or would it be vertical height? or should you just say height?) to the pot on the left. The plants currently in the pot will probably gain some height on their own but it would be nice to add some texture or another color.