Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where has the time gone?

In honor of our six month wedding anniversary (which actually isn't until tomorrow), I decided to finally get our pictures together and put them into an album. Three albums, actually.

There are a couple companies out there that create photo albums after the customer uploads the pictures to their website. I tried one that is called MyPublisher and found that the result was a fairly good photo album for a somewhat moderate price. They make great gifts for friends and family.

Here is the front cover

My favorite feature is the fact that there are multiple layouts so it's easy to arrange the pictures to your liking. Here are a couple of the pages from our book:

We had a lot of black and white photos which I chose to group together in the album rather than mixing them with the color pictures. I wouldn't use MyPublisher if you need an album in which the pictures are of exceptional quality; the picture quality is decent but it doesn't have the pizazz that a homemade album will.
This is our "formal" wedding album that Chris' parents gave to us. It's archival quality and I chose to put only black and white photos from the wedding in this one. Today I also started on an album that will contain all the bits and pieces from the wedding; the invitation, program, newspaper articles, and all the lovely cards that we received from friends and family. I'm also going to try and put our honeymoon pictures in here. I'm a little overwhelmed though and mostly I've just been moving stuff around; not pasting it down. I'm gong to try and make it my project for this week.