Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fast Food Nation

Oh, the impact that movies have on our lives... Last week Chris and I saw Fast Food Nation, a film that explores the fast food industry, specifically the meat suppliers and their work/health ethics. I did ok until the end of the movie when they showed the "kill" room in the slaughterhouse. Ugh. Vomit central. Consequently, we are currently exploring non-cow/pig products. My mom had this saying growing up that she didn't want to eat anything that she couldn't personally kill. And knowing my mom, I have no doubt that she would take out a cow if it meant feeding her family. But...I'm not quite so brave. To Chris' chagrin a couple years ago, I proved myself to be very non-alaskan by being unable to kill a salmon while on a fishing trip. Thankfully, I was able to redeem myself a bit the next year by pounding the heck out of a fish with a rock. But I'm still not the fearless hunter type. And while I don't really like cows (seriously folks, they are crap (50 pounds a day!) and methane producing machines), I think I'd have a hard time killing one. So, that puts us in an interesting position, beef-wise. I'm pretty sure I could kill a chicken. Yep, I'm pretty sure about that. So, this week we explored turkey hot dogs, chicken sausage and tofu. Yum. We'll see how long this little thing lasts. :)