Sunday, March 04, 2007


My Papa was in Italy a while back for work. Next time we are determined to have my madre tag along as well since dad has been going to Europe for 20 years for business and not once has the timing worked out for my mother to travel along too. Below is the lovely town of Sermoneta, which, according to my dad the amateur geologist, is made entirely out of low-grade marble.
When in Rome, be sure to visit El Padre. I guess Papa saw him peeking out of his little window next to St. Peter's. We never saw the Pope when Chris and I traveled to Italy. Back then it was John Paul, not the current whats-his-name. (By the way, that's my papa on the right, looking very dapper in his Toyoda Sushi T-shirt (Our very favorite local sushi bar))
And just for kicks, a motorbike make entirely of wicker.