Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend Update

Sunday Update:

We had lunch with my friend from high school Julie and her fiance Dave. Julie and Dave are living up in San Francisco (which really isn't that far away) but this was the first time that we'd been able to connect. It's great hearing about all the exciting things that my friends from high school are doing. Julie is wrapping up her degree in Santa Cruz, I have a friend working on her PhD in entomology in Arizona, and another is a Seattle Police Office. Theoretically, I could get updates from all our former friends since our 10 year high school reunion is coming up in just a few short years (are we really getting that old?!?!) but I'm not sure I'll be in the area when it actually occurs.

We had lunch on this place on Sunset Boulevard that Julie's friend Anna promptly named the Neighborhood Brothel since it was done up "Old West" style yet all the waitresses wore too-tight tee shirts that somehow seemed to expose an awful lot of cleavage. We decided that they were probably all wanna-be models/actors that were waiting tables until they made it big in the movies.

After lunch we headed down to the "Miracle Mile" and took a quick tour through Petersen's Automotive Museum. This was my favorite car:
How handy is this car? It carries your surfboard in a custom made slot on this side.
We weren't sure that Chris could actually fit in the little blue car.

Hello Friends and Family,
Happy Saturday. We're currently upgrading our home computers and we haven't quite got everything up and running so I'm unable to currently post pictures. We discovered that we had over 10,000 photos and god-knows how many song stored on the pc; no wonder we didn't have any hard drive space left. But we'll be wireless pretty soon and that means I'll be able to post pictures to the blog via the pc while Chris is doing business school stuff on the laptop. Hooray for technology.

We've had a pretty low key weekend thus far. We had a late night visitor, Chris' friend Ken, who was on his way to Las Vegas on Thursday and then this morning we went for a brief bike ride to test out my new pedals. It was a smashing success! I didn't fall once and biking was a breeze. Well, most of it was a breeze. It's been a while since I've done any significant mileage on my bike and my rump is feeling a bit sore this afternoon.

This afternoon Chris worked on the motorbike and I did some gardening. I also cleaned out the fish pond (which really needed it). I decided to take a nap half way through on the lawn. Bailey decided that in addition to being an expert birder, he was also going to try his hand at fishing and made a wild dash after my two remaining goldfish that were temporarily hanging out in his pool. That pretty much ended my nap. Thankfully he still needs some practice. Time to go finish the job, I guess.

The motorbike now has new turn signals.
I've decided that mint is my new favorite garnish. So far my herb gardens have ended in failure (except for the rosemary) but mint is rather hardy and I think I may have a chance with it.
Besides, mint looks lovely on ice cream. What could be better?
Hehe. Well this is a rather funny story. I've been using the mulch produced by my worm bin to fertilize some of our potted plants. I've been a bit preoccupied lately and haven't kept close tabs on the outdoor plants. I inspected them this weekend and discovered that some volunteers from food leftovers had taken root in the pots. I'm pretty sure that the bushy plant on the left is a tomato. I'm not sure about the one on the right. You can barely see the original plant! I'm of half a mind to let the tomato grow to see if it produces anything.
I've left the lid off the worm bin recently because we were having difficulties with brown widows who liked to hid in the dark recesses of the interior. I think that' s a potato plant on the right .
This onion is my favorite. I think I'm going to plant it.
So this is where I was napping when Bailey caused a ruckus with the goldfish. While safely transporting the fish back to the pond Bails sniped my spot on the blanket. Of course, he was sopping wet from his recent fishing expedition so I couldn't just kick him off and go back to my nap. So not fair!