Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday

Our little Blog turns two years old this week. Things have actually been pretty quiet for the last two years. We still live in the same house, have the same jobs, are constantly entertained by our goofy dog...things are lovely. Oh, we did get married almost a year ago! I guess that was a wee bit of a change!

I think the two most difficult things for me in the past couple years have been making new friends and being away from family. I never realized (until it was gone) how much I relied on school to provide ample opportunities for making friends. It's a built-in network. Once that was removed, it's hard to motivate yourself to go out and join groups that will provide those opportunities. I guess the second best place would be your workplace. Unfortunately, my company is mostly composed of people that are nicely settled into midlife and are mostly concerned with mortgages, children, etc. It's only been in the last six months or so that our company has become much more age-diverse. It's been wonderful. We had a fun pumpkin carving party at the casa, we've started monthly hiking trips, and several of my co-workers now accompany me to pilates every week. It's a nice change.

Missing my family hasn't lessened any though.


  1. I hear ya. When my family moved away my sophomore year of college that was hard. Then take school out of the picture and friends moving all over creation, and you begin to feel isolated. I would really like to start a book group...I love reading and it would be a chance to get together and bond with others, but I can't think of how to get that started.

  2. Oh, that's actually a really great idea. Chris' mom is part of a book group. I'll have to ask her how it got started and how she joined. Perhaps there are some in your area?

  3. I think I'm going to check out the local library to see if they have one. Otherwise I wouldn't be sure of where else to check. Sadly, we do not have a Barnes & Noble. We only have a sad excuse of a Waldenbooks. I would love to know how Chris' mom's group got started if you find out! :)