Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In Black and White

For our weekend outing we stayed at the St. Francis Hotel on Union Square, near the financial district. It's this beautiful old hotel that has a fantastic view of the surrounding city.

Through sheer dumb luck or amazingly pulled strings, Chris managed to get the top floor suite in the center tower. I didn't want to leave (until I found out that the rooms were quite notorious due to the famous people that had died there) (more on that later).

We spent a lot of time wandering down by the docks, admiring the boats and the sea lions.
And of course, we walked the bridge.

Chrissy Field is a famous wind surfing spot. This poor saab didn't look like it could handle much more gear. I love the street cars in the city. We must have spent hours riding around the city, getting off to walk around, and hopping back on for the next adventure.

There is a free street car museum near Nob Hill. Definitely check it out!
Street car stuff.
Chinatown, as always, was crowded and overpriced. It's a fun one-time thing.

I loved Alcatraz which was actually a pleasant surprise. It was freezing, windy, intriguing and had lots of great bay views. I can't imagine being incarcerated there for 30 years. It'd make me want to swim for it too.