Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Seattle P-I

One of my favorite parts of the Seattle P-I (newspaper) is their daily photo collection. Called "The Day in Pictures", it's a compilation of AP photos from around the globe. I like it due to the large array of subjects: Iraq, animals, religion, and whimsy. At the moment, I'm a bit burned out from hearing so much bad world news: Iraq, global poverty, environmental crises, etc. The list continues. Consequently, the photos below are rather lighthearted.

I'll bet you can't tell me this pictures didn't make you smile!!
Or this one! What a nice kid, pulling his dad to the park.
Yum, think of all the lovely honey that will result from these busy ladies.

At least she has clean feet.
I learned today that these are called water pumpkins and are in high demand during the summer months in Indonesia. The vendor is protecting his wares (and catching a few winks)
Seattle was the host of the recent Baby Games, or something to that effect. It was also a fundraiser of some sort. Clearly I was more delighted by the picture than I was by the text.
I can't even do these with my eyes open. This USC student did it in under two minutes blindfolded.
How could you not like this little guy?!