Monday, May 28, 2007

Sequoia National Forest (and Monument)

We spent our holiday weekend in Sequoia National Forest, northeast of Bakersfield, California. We left Santa Ana early Saturday morning, had a relaxing hike on Saturday afternoon, a strenuous hike on Sunday and a nice easy hike this morning. We stayed at the Redwood Meadows campground which was nice (good campsites, stream, meadow) but did have a couple downsides (screaming kids, neighbors playing loud music). I'll never understand how people think it's ok to blast loud music within 50 feet of their neighbors. Tents have incredibly thin walls. Next time I think we'll go up the Owens River Valley and stay on the other side of the park. Our little Sube (Subaru) proved once again that she's an awesome car. Little coche powered through billowing dust and crazy dirt roads to get us to the trailhead.
Even though the campgrounds were packed, the trail on Sunday was completely deserted. We encountered a forest service work crew and one couple over the entire 10 mile hike. Chris and I reflected that is was pretty crazy to go from crowded Orange County to the back country in the space of a few short hours.

Our internet is being pooky again, I'll post more tomorrow.