Sunday, June 03, 2007

Odds and Ends

I don't have much to report for this weekend. I updated our blogger template (observe the nifty new header pictures), went on a hike with my hiking club from work, oh, and I took a nap.

Now, I'm not normally a napping person, however, I probably got a grand total of three hours of sleep on Friday night and then went on an arduous (not really) hike the next morning at 7 am. Let me explain: Our neighbor across the street is probably 25 years old and she lives in the house with her mother and little brother. She came to our house the other day and told us that she was going to have a party on Friday and would be please call her before we called the police. No problem. We used to do that with our neighbors back in college days at the casa. Unfortunately, our bedroom is very close to their house. I went to bed on Friday to the sounds of loud Mexican hip hop. Needless to say, it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep. I didn't want to rain on her parade by calling at 10pm to tell her to turn off the music since it would probably ruin her entire night. I figured once I actually got to sleep, I'd be ok for the rest of the night. Boy was I wrong. I slept like a baby from midnight until 2am when people started to leave the party. So I had 100 drunken people spill out onto the streets around my house (we live on a corner). Of course, it was loud. Very loud. Plus, once all the guys got into their cars, they blasted their stereos at top volume. Our house was built in 1923 and has single pane windows. I seriously thought we were going to break a couple windows they were rattling so hard. Most of the people finally cleared out around 3:30 pm so I slept until 6 am when it was time to get up for the hike. At the very least she could have invited me so I could have enjoyed the music. :)