Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bend It like Beckham

For those of you living under a rock these last couple months, here is the latest: Aging futbol superstar David Beckham signed with the LA Galaxy in January of this year in a five year multi-million dollar deal. His debut, scheduled for tonight, will probably be delayed due to an ankle injury although he is expected to run around the field for a couple minutes to give the sold out crowd at the Home Depot Center a chance to tell their friends that they "saw David Beckham in action". That's certainly why I'm going. Well, that's probably only part of the reason. My friend Mindy from work managed to snag some free lovely! So, we're off to go see Golden Balls bend that ball!

And here's my daily confession: I did, indeed, watch Posh's "Coming to America" special on NBC the other night. Yes, she's way too thin and way too obsessed with fashion but she was, surprisingly, rather witty. In fact, I've been trying to work the words "wicked", "knickers" and "major" into my vocabulary lately. How posh.