Monday, July 02, 2007


I'm afraid I don't have many pictures to post but here is a rundown of recent activities:

Work, as usual, is taking up most of our time. Chris has also been involved with lots of school projects but we're both eagerly looking forward to the end of the trimester in August. I'm just about to start a class at UC Irvine again. It has the exciting title of Groundwater Contamination Issues in Southern California. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound thrilling but I'm actually looking forward to it. Southern California, due to its arid climate and huge population, has to put a tremendous amount of thought and energy into obtaining drinking water. California, along with other western states such as Arizona and New Mexico divvy up much of the Colorado River but we still have a trouble providing for all our residents. Actually, let's amend that: California still has trouble providing water for California's residents and their green, grassy lawns. Heaven forbid we'd have to stop watering our lawns! Anyway, I'm excited about my groundwater class because I deal with groundwater contamination issues on an everyday basis with my job and I'm excited to learn more.
My uncle Bill and cousin Jesse have been down visiting. Bill is taking Jesse around to all his old haunts in the Los Angeles Area as well as visiting relatives and going to Disneyland.
Chris' buddy from Anchorage Ken was also down visiting last weekend with his girlfriend Heather. It was nice to see Ken and meet Heather.
Other than that, we've been trying to survive the heat. Poor Bails is the worst off. We set up our kiddie pool and I plan to spend most of today in the water with a drink and a good book.
My friend Amanda had the excellent idea of starting a bookclub and we've just started a book called Sisters by Lori Lansens. My downfall is that I've never been good at reading a chapter at a time. I'm too impatient and I find myself reading ahead. I'm trying to be good though this time and I think I'm only a couple (or a few more) sections ahead this time. My strategy has been to switch in other books like Farley Mowat's The Dog Who Wouldn't Be and Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice (Probably my two all-time favorite books).
That's about all I have to report. Have a safe and happy fourth. And with that, I'm off to the pool.


  1. The pool sounds fun!!! We have been drenched with rain all day here. It cleared up briefly, but I fear more is on the way. It sounds like y'all have been keeping busy. Brian and I saw a show once about people in Nevada who have desert scaped basically no grass to water. Brian loved the more grass to cut and plants that need little to no attention. : ) I said I would miss the feel of cool grass between my toes. It is an interesting concept though that I would like to see in person sometime.

    On the book front...I am also having a hard time just reading a chapter or two at a time. This has resulted in my supplementing as well with a biography about Marie Antoinette. She is a fascinating woman, and the biography is extremely well written...which can be a rarity. Do you think we should step up the pace on the book group? I only did it that way so people didn't feel overwhelmed and fall behind. I know Brooke was ahead in the book as well...but Margaret has yet to get it since she was out of town. Ideas? Suggestions? : )

  2. When will Margaret return from her vacation? Perhaps we could continue at the somewhat slower pace until she returns and then pick it up a bit. I'm happy reading three or four chapters a nice since they tend to be pretty short but you're right about not wanting anyone to fall behind. I'm greatly enjoying it so far...good pick!

  3. She's back...just has to get the book. I'm going out with Brooke this weekend on a TX vineyard tour, so I'll talk to her about he pace then. I'll also get in touch with Margaret to see how she's doing on the catch up. : )