Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Activities

It's been a really fun weekend for us so far. On Saturday morning we went for a bike ride along the Santa Ana River and then later in the day drove up to Fullerton for a wedding. This wedding was beautiful. The bride and groom were Muslim and they had hired a troupe of dancers and musicians to get the party started. It was great fun and we greatly enjoyed the cultural experience, good food, and fun entertainment.
This morning Bailey and I drove up to Palo Verde (near San Pedro) to meet up with Mindy and Echo. Bailey and Echo took to each other immediately and became best buds.
Bailey still hasn't come to the conclusion that drinking salt water probably isn't so good for his GI tract. He managed to clean his innards out pretty well on the way back home but we've been making sure he get plenty of fresh water to re-hydrate. He also got a bath this afternoon because he was covered in dirt from the hiking trails. Sharing a stick.
I'm thinking that this is a seagull.