Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pick that Up!!

Today was the 11th Annual Inner Coastal Watershed Clean-Up Day in Orange County. Chris and I headed over to the nature preserve at Santiago Creek in Santa Ana. Intending to do trash pick up, we elected instead to help plant native willows as part of the park's restoration efforts. Chris and I had a great system going; he dug the hole and I plopped in the plant and tapped down the dirt. Teamwork, folks! A shout out goes to the Boy Scouts of America for such a great showing.

This little willow may not look like much now, but give him a couple years and he'll be my height.
As usual, I was easily distracted by the local fauna...
Taking a break..
Judging by the number of pots, we planted a significant number of willows
We did some trash pickup too although Chris was more dedicated to the effort..
I found numerous excuses to avoid picking trash.
Yeah, I know, silly but fun
I would have given my eye teeth (what are eye teeth?!) to have found this guy. Evidently one of the kids discovered it and brought it back for show and tell. It's spectacular.