Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ta Da!

See, mama?! I actually am capable of cleaning. My grandmother recently moved into an assisted living facility and gave my mother some of her silver. My mom then generously passed some of it along to me. Believe it or not, I actually like silver, probably because I'm not so scared of breaking it like I am with china. The main reason we didn't register for china when we got married was because I was completely convinced that I'd be replacing multiple pieces within the first year. We have fancy wine glasses in our house and that's about it. Everything else that is remotely breakable probably came from Target. Sad but true. Anyway, check out my mad silver polishing skills. So fortified by my recent success, I'm moving on to jewelry tonight. Go me! (alright, so that wasn't exactly a humble post but there is definitely a reason to celebrate when I'm voluntarily cleaning things).