Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apartment Therapy

Yes, I'm back to looking at houses. These are all from Apartment Therapy. The following pictures are not ones that I necessarily like; however, I do admire the owner's courage to paint such bright and exotic colors in their homes. And I usually like particular elements of the rooms, even if I don't especially care for the entire thing. For example, in the picture below I like the wooden handrail and the brown twiggy wall paper.
I usually post pictures from the same home together. I like the bedroom, not so hot on the living room (below)

Hmm. Using my psychic powers, I have determined that this entire ensemble, excepting the couch, but including the plant, was purchased at Ikea (See picture, below). Actually, Ikea happens to be practically my favorite store in the entire world and I've been there enough to recognize all of their products. I was there today, in fact. Sad, eh?
And I absolutely adore these windows and abhor the green and yellow color scheme.
ok, I'm going to be completely frank here and admit that I actually like the living room (below). Yellow is my second to last least favorite color. Orange is the worst and I'm not very fond of red either. But I digress. I didn't think I could ever like a room that was painted yellow. This is probably due to the fact that we rented a condo in Seattle that was painted this awful shade of canary yellow. It puts me in a bad mood just thinking about it. But this yellow is deep and dark enough that it actually has some character. And the big dark features, like the cool fireplace and the green picture add stability.
I like the exposed beams.

Not a fan of the aqua coloring but I really like the arrangement of the artwork on the wall (they're not too matchy) and the door is pretty neat too.

Hey! An orange bathroom! Um, no thanks. The tub is cool though.

I like this one only because it has my spice pots (the idea of which I stole directly from my madre)

Barn chic, anyone?
More orange. Not overpowering though.
Too much, but very cool ideas.
The couch looks cool but I can't image relaxing and reading a book on it.