Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Unusual Life

My friend Jenny discovered this website called the Unusual Life. It's mostly a compilation of pictures of strange or weird houses but scroll down to look at the egg art. It's pretty cool.
Obviously this one isn't a house, it's a monestary (so I guess that qualifies as a house).

I think this one (below) is really neat. I like how it mimics the color of the surrounding rocks.
Evidently this is a russian tycoon's idea of a log cabin in the woods.
A hobbit house.
Ok! Check out the egg art!

Dog Houses.

Another Cob House.
According to the website, this is a type of hotel in Japan, usually only for men. It's just enough space to lie down and watch tv (which is mounted to the ceiling of your cubicle). Evidently you store your belongings elsewhere. Plus, it only costs $25/night. Not for you clautrophobes out there!