Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Events

After our bike ride, Chris took off to campus to get some studying done and I took Bails for a hike to our favorite cell tower. (There happens to be a giant cell phone tower at the top of my favorite hike in ONeill Regional Park). In case I get attacked by a cougar, I'll have great coverage for calling 911. Of course, by then it would probably be too late. I'll take my chances, anyway. There is one last, long hill at the very end of the hike that is always difficult. As you can see, not only is Bails already up the hill, but he's planted himself under his favorite table. It doesn't matter if the table is already occupied by other hikers, dogs or horses, that table belongs to him and he'll take it over, no matter the cost. He almost ran a horse off the top of the mountain in order to claim his spot. [the rider was not a happy camper]

I was hoping that after our rain there would be some water in the lake. But, no, that was not too be. It's a strange feeling to stand in the middle of dry lake bed. I can't really describe it; it just feels wrong.
And last but not least, my crappy picture of a hummingbird.