Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Command Center

The Command Center has moved from the fridge to a wall on the kitchen. This has been my project all week and it's been driving me nuts. The main problem is that I can't stand to wait for paint to dry . Unfortunately, this project took about 15 coats. I have a mask in my room in Seattle that I made in 2nd grade. I got the red base paint down but couldn't stand to wait like all the other kids so it's a weird swirly mess of red and white. I love it but I was determined not to do that for this project.

The blank canvas.

Check out my nifty work suit; I picked it up at the center for wooden boats for a buck. My first step was to lay down the base coat which is filled with lead shavings so it's magnetic.
I only had one piece of wood so it required lots of advanced planning.
The second coat was blackboard paint.
And the final coat was the blue paint.
You have to 'break in' the chalkboard paint.
Drilling the holes for the hooks.

The finished product.