Tuesday, November 06, 2007

An Open Letter to Lenscrafters

This approach worked for our friend Lopaka in England and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Mostly I'm just really ticked at Lenscrafters.
Dear Lenscrafters,
I would like to let you know of the incredible poor service I received at the Lenscrafters in the Tustin Marketplace in California. I have been a client there for two years and both times when ordering contact lenses I have run into numerous difficulties.

This recent episode happened several weeks ago when I ordered my contact lenses in the store. You were out of the prescription for my left eye so I was given a “trial” contact to get me through the week that it would take to order my specific prescription and have it sent to my house. When I got home, I discovered that the trial contact was for the wrong prescription. Since I’d only had my contacts in for a week and a half (instead of the normal two weeks) I decided to wait the week that is would take to get my entire order in the mail instead of putting in a contact that was the wrong prescription.

Two weeks later (and a week late) I received a call from Rosie informing me that my contacts were in the store and available for pickup. When I reminded her that she was supposed to send them to my home address (I saw her write it in the file), she told me that she would do that immediately. I called today and spoke to Shannon because my contacts have not been delivered. She was very nice and notified me that my contacts were in the store and ready for pickup. What ever happened to mailing them? I have had my two-week contacts in my eye for a total of 4 weeks now. They are in bad shape. My eyes hurt. They are red and itchy.

Now, because it’s Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock, I won’t get my new contacts until Monday at the very earliest. You can do better than this! At the very least, I think it would behoove you to comp the cost of these very troublesome contact lenses. Thank you for your time and patience.