Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This was not a great weekend for my body. Somehow, I ended up with 5 separate cuts on my hands from various objects. The major culprit was our knife set. Chris did a fabulous job sharpening them last weekend and I can personally attest to their pointy edges.

I also had particularly bad luck with a glass vase I was cleaning out. I made the mistake of putting it through the dishwasher a couple months ago and a perfect ring of glass around the top detached. I didn't have the heart to throw it out since the vase was only about a half inch shorter on the top and perfectly usable. Unfortunately, it now also has an exceedingly sharp rim. I had my arm in the vase with a rag doing some spot cleaning and I looked down to find an almost perfect pencil-thin circle of blood around my arm. It was kind of spooky looking.

But the worst one was when I went to pick up the rag and accidentally brushed the top of the rim with my finger. Instantly, I had a deep and painful cut. And the worst part is that I feel it every time I use the computer (read: 8 hrs a day). So, right now, I flinch every time I have to type the letters L, O, and a period. OUCH!

Ok, I realize that it's not very impressive looking but I'm telling you the truth, it hurts!