Thursday, January 03, 2008

Acapulco, Mexico (Port 1)

Our first port of call was Acapulco, Mexico. Chris, Greg and I went scuba diving while Bob, Cherie, Megan, and Alex had some beach time. The scuba diving was a bit of a bust. The visibility was poor and the coral and fishes weren't spectacular. We did see lots of eels, a snake and my all-time favorite, the puffer fish. Chris and I just received a new dive computer for Christmas and it was great to try out. I think it will quickly become one of those things that we can't live without while diving. The scenery (above the water) was very pretty as we were moored just off of Isla Roqueta, a nature preserve. We met some nice people on the dive boat and overall it was a nice experience.
As we were filling out forms at the dive shop, they handed us these bags filled with purified water. You had to rip off a corner with your teeth and start drinking. It was a little strange, especially since you couldn't put your bag down.