Thursday, January 10, 2008

Car Shopping. Ugh.

We have come to the conclusion over the last couple of months that our dear little Subaru is slowly dying. This has been rather depressing, given the fact that she's been a faithful and sturdy little car for many years. She (yes, my car is a girl) gets fairly decent gas mileage and she can withstand just about any sort of water or mud that Bailey throws onto her on a daily basis.

So we've been car shopping. We started out looking at the new prius but I'm not sure Bails is going to fit in the back. I think all the car salesmen have been mystified when we go directly to the back of the car to check out the trunk before we even sit in the driver's seat. A family that buys a car based on their dog's needs. Weird, I know. So we've slowly migrated over to the wagon section. Last night I think we tried out every wagon under the sun: Volvo, Subaru, BMW, Audi, Toyota, and Saab. Both Chris and I have discovered that car salesmen are a rather strange bunch. Smarmy. One nice guy did let us put Bailey in the back of each car, despite the copious amounts of dog hair and drool that were undoubtedly left behind. Thankfully, we still have the Sube which runs fairly well and we're not in a huge rush to purchase a new vehicle. We'd love to have recommendations, by the way. What kind of car do you drive? What's the gas mileage and would you purchase it again? And, most importantly, is there room for a 100 lb beast in the back?


  1. I have a Nissan Murano. It has a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) which means that it does not have to shift gears, optimizing the performance of the engine for any kind of driving scenario, resulting in better gas usage. My stop and go driving mileage is about 20-21 mpg, and on the highway 24ish mpg. (Brian wants me to explain that that is real life driving not EPA stuff.) I love my car. It is roomy, comfy, SUV like but looks and drives like a car, reclining/fold down flat back seats, a lot of room in the back. I have owned an Nissan Altima previously and enjoyed that as well. Nissan makes a great car. Brian drives a Nissan Maxima. I had a Ford Focus for while which was a good little car, but not as dependable. Grace rides comfortably in the car (She's about 65 lbs.). We put her in the back seat. I would totally purchase the Murano again. I have had 2 people who have ridden in mine and have since gotten Murano's themselves and they love theirs as well. :)

    Happy car shopping! I hope you find one you like!!! :)

  2. Amanda, you are the best! That is exactly the kind of information I'm looking for. So glad to hear that you'd get another Murano and that you love it. I'll have to give one a test drive. And thank you for making the distinction regarding real life vs. EPA mileage. I remember when Toyota was telling people that the Prius was getting crazy mileage when it was proven to not be quite as great as they had boasted. Thanks again for the info, it is greatly appreciated!

  3. We used to go to the car show here in the fall to test out which cars Frank actually will fit into (being 6'6" can be a problem in the car world). The crazy thing is Frank actually fit well in a Beetle and a Mini Cooper. Knowing that we had Gus (who is 75#) we knew we would need a station wagon (although we do love our Camry and Gus can ride in the back just fine). We ended up buying a Volvo XC and I have to say that it doesn't get great gas mileage and when you step on the gas it takes a bit to respond. So, we too are thinking about a different car. Our neighbors just got a Prius and love it. You guys should check out consumer reports they are very helpful. I agree with you too, car salesmen are a weird bunch of people. Yucky!

  4. He fit well in the mini?! I am THRILLED to hear that! I proposed to Chris that we get a mini and remove the rear seats so Bails can have room to lounge. Have you seen the new one? It's called the Clubman and it's a foot longer!