Thursday, January 03, 2008

Orange County

Bob, Cherie, and the girls flew into John Wayne on Friday night and our cruise didn't leave until Monday so we had a couple days to do some local stuff. We picked Greg up from the airport on Saturday and went for a hike at O'Neill Park. The last time we went on the hike with Bob and Greg, in August, it was about 100 degrees. This time it was a bit cooler and much more pleasant.

We also celebrated Christmas dinner (a bit early) on Sunday. I didn't get any pictures of dinner but we did take pictures of the desserts that Megan, Alex, Cherie and I made. They were chocolate cups that were cooled around balloons and then used as bowls for fruit sherbet. They were quite fun to make.

Here Megan is popping the balloons after the chocolate has hardened.
Alex with the finished product.

We also went to the dog beach with Bails while Chris finished up some stuff at work.

Bob and Cherie at the dog beach. Bailey has actually morphed into somewhat of a stick retriever.
Greg, Megan, Alex, Cherie and Bailey on the beach.

Megan and Bailey.
Alex and Bailey.

O'Neill Regional Park at sunset.
Sonja and Megan.

At the top.