Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Laying low for the moment. I had a successful but hectic day on Monday. Chris is a pro when it comes to flying up and back to San Francisco in a single day but I do it less frequently and it wears me out. For one thing, I never sleep well the night before because I'm convinced that I'll sleep through my alarm clock and miss my flight. (Chris once woke up just as his flight began boarding.. And shockingly, beyond all belief, he still made that damn flight. Lucky duck). Anyway, I sleep poorly, wake up at 5 to catch the flight, sleep for a couple minutes on the flight and then arrive, exhausted, in Oakland. This time I had to grab my rental car and head into the city for a marathon work session. Then it's a rush back across the Bay Bridge and into Oakland. I missed the 4:30 flight by about 15 minutes so I finally (for the first time since breakfast), sat down to grab a bite to eat. I got home around 8 pm. So tired.

I like traveling for work but I never have any time to stop and look around the city. Rarely do I have time to see friends. It's not a whole lot of fun to see the inside of an office building, even if it's in a cool place (London, Italy, Japan, etc).

Today I was in Los Angeles for another site visit. I had a rather close encounter with a drugged out bum in an abandoned warehouse but he turned out to be a pleasant fellow and I was able to make it back to the office by early afternoon.

Thursday I'm in San Diego (another whirlwind trip) and then Friday and Monday I'm back in LA. Yeesh. I'm tired just thinking about it. Oh, the poor sube, she'll be so tired from all those miles.