Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birds Afloat

We went for bike ride this weekend in Irvine which has a fantastic collection of bike trail, many of them along storm water culverts. It's a brilliant idea really, all of the storm water culverts go under the road and require maintenance trails on either side. They paved the maintenance trails and voila! a bike/walking trail is born.
Here is a picture of a Great White Egret and a Cattle Egret trolling for prey. We always spot them in this particular bend in the river and Chris has pretty much grown accustomed to me pulling over to take a few photos.

Great white egrets tend to be pretty shy and this one became startled when I leaned in for a better shot. The cattle egret was spooked by the great white and both took a couple wing flaps before settling back down.

I can't claim to be a talented photographer but I think the picture (above) is rather interesting. Double click on the photo to enlarge the image.