Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kenyan Artists United

Listen to This! I can't understand a single word but it's a beautiful song and it's a song for peace; something desperately needed in Kenya right now.


Dick Gordon - Host

Dick Gordon - Host

Feb 21, 2008 - We just received an email from the American Public Radio that they are doing a story on Wakenya Pamoja on their nationally syndicated radio show, The Story with Dick Gordon. The interview will be available online on (If you are reading this story later, please check the news stories for Feb 21 2008). The radio hosts talked to Moses "QquQqu" Odhiambo (of NIX Dancers) and Tony Gakuo, who is a musician and was involved in the project. The story is produced by WUNC and syndicated to over 50 radio stations across the US. Tony and Moses join Dick to talk about how they and other Kenyans hope to move past the tribal divisions and resurrect their friendships. In January 2008, dozens of Kenyan artistes came together to record a song appealing for peace and reconcilliation in Kenya after post-election violence erupted. To watch the Wakenya Pamoja video, click here. To download the video as well as the audio, click here. UPDATE: Listen to the interview below.

Wakenya Pamoja Interview on U.S Radio