Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart...Turn Around Bright Eyes

So Heather and I were talking about the eclipse at work this morning and all day we've been singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". We even looked up the music video on YouTube hoping to get it out of our head. Have you ever seen the video? It's bizarre and creepy. Especially when she says: "turn around bright eyes" and the guys onscreen turn around with theses weird glowing zombie eyes. It totally changed my perception of the song. Chris even started singing the song this evening as I was humming on the couch. It's driving me nuts.

Plus we didn't see the eclipse; it's completely overcast down here in the OC.

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  1. Sorry you guys couldn't see the eclipse! It was really long. We got to see a lot of it and then of course while the moon was coming back the clouds rolled in. Oh, well at least for once I got to see it!