Friday, March 14, 2008

Hmm. So I seem to be getting some flack over my choice of words describing our vacation to Hawaii as “brief but lovely”. In the words of one family member:

“Every day I'd wake up and think, "Where's my girl? Still in Hawaii?"
Yep, still there." Day after soggy day. I sent Bailey telepathic
messages of encouragement.

Understandably, it’s in rather poor taste to complain about the shortness of one’s vacation while enjoying the sun in Hawaii. My deepest apologies! I’d like to revise the previous post to reflect the following statement:

We had a lovely time in Maui with Bob, Cherie and Alex. The days flew by and we were really sorry to pack our bags and head for the airport on Wednesday. It’s nice to be home again though and Bailey seems to have forgiven us for abandoning him at the pet hotel.